Real Life Situation

Topics: Management, Academic term, Persuasion Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: March 22, 2013
My Real Life Situation

Back home, I was working as a teaching assistant ,and still is, with limited authorities. At the end of the semester, we usually have the finals week. Our department starts to fall apart as usual, the schedule was a mess; in one day we have 4 exams and on the other day none. It’s a typical end of the semester when all this madness happens , and we struggle every semester to find a solution. This usually happens because of our head department lack of attention or lack of management skills due to his soft personality. I talked to him and asked him if I can step up and fix it once and for all by bringing a standard test schedule that can last for many semesters where no proctors/students will face any troubles in terms of knowing their schedule and the classes .after a long discussion with the head department, he finally decided to give me his permission. I knew that this was my chance to show him my sense of leadership. So I started to define my strategy and how am I going to solve this problem. I put a list for all courses and the name of professors whom are teaching it, then ,I put a second list with all the classes rooms In the building, furthermore, I put a third list with all the proctors names that we have in staff . Finaly , I organized the schedule besd upon the priority and student /proctors necessity. I gathered the staff and show them the new changes in a theme that show how simple the procedure will be in the future if we followed the new enhanced schedule. even thought we had some disagreements in terms of proctors duties and dates, I managed to solve them and at the end every one know his responsibility and was pleased with the solution . My university is stil using my planned schedule and never made any changes in the past three years which means that my plans worked flawlessly . In this dilemma I used a persuasive technique to persuade the committee about how importnant is to have a standerd agenda for future...
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