Persuasive: Times Roman and Personal Music Players

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Responding to a Persuasive Prompt

Type your name, the date, your teacher’s name, and your school name at the top of this page. Type or paste your draft into this document. Be sure that your draft is double-spaced and in 12 point, Times New Roman font. Save the file as BWL_S1_06.05_Critical Skills Practice_FirstInitial_LastName.doc.

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Read the prompt below. Consider your position on the issue. Then respond to the prompt with a well-developed multiparagraph essay. You have 30 minutes to complete this assignment. Your assignment will be graded based on the Persuasive Prompt Grading Rubric. The rubric can be found in your Unit Resources.

Many teens and young adults have personal music players, such as MP3s, that allow them to take their favorite music with them wherever they go. Such devices require earbuds, and users can often be seen with at least one earbud firmly in place, listening to music as they go about their daily business. Some critics of these music players, however, argue that users tend to be isolated in the world of their music. Users, these critics say, do not really pay attention to what is going on around them; and they behave rudely when they carry on conversations with others while wearing at least one earbud.

Assignment: Do personal music players such as MP3s isolate their users and hamper social interaction? Should such devices be set aside in some situations to promote social interaction and even safety? Plan and write a response in which you state your position and persuade readers to agree with you. Support your opinions with reasons and examples.

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Have you ever thought about how possibly that iPod you have in your hands could be keeping you...
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