Real Friends Are Better Than Facebook Friends

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Real friends are better than Facebook friends
It seems that having a Facebook account has become a social trend nowadays. It is very hard to meet a person without Facebook account. However, having a Facebook account certainly has its flaw. Many people, especially teenagers, tend to add people they never meet in real life as their friends. Claiming those people as their “friends”, they feel offended when their caretaker tells them it is inadvisable to continue this action. They protest that Facebook friends are better than real friends. On the contrary, I confirm that real friends are better than Facebook friends. Real friends are ones who help you in need. “No man is an island,” when you face problems in your life, you can always ask your real friends to help. If it is beyond their ability, they will definitely seek help from other friends as well. There has to be someone among your real friends who can give you a hand. In contrast, Facebook friends are those who you communicate with through Facebook and may live very far away from you and probably only know you by your name, birthday and live place. They cannot lend a helping hand instantly like the idiom goes, “while the steed grows, the horse starves”. Therefore, real friends are a better choice when you are seeking help in the real world. In addition, real friends can stand up for you and at your side when someone trying to humiliate you, whereas Facebook friends can only send you some comforting words through internet. Compared with Facebook friends, real friends’ comfort is far more effective. A soothing voice is surely better than some comforting words sent by Facebook messenger. A hand to wipe your tear off and a shoulder to lean on are definitely better than a cold screen. Moreover, you can trust your real friends since you know who they really are and exist. However, Facebook friends tend to give fake personal information in order to become someone cool. It is dangerous to trust people whom you do not...
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