Fair Weather Friends

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Roy Clay
4/10/12 Fair Weather Friends

The majority of us have friends, the friends we have known since childhood, the friends we would do anything for; the friend that would do anything for us. Most of us have friends that are for specific situations, the friends we party with, the friend who will help us paint our house; the friend we can call at two in the morning because we just got dumped. Our lives might not be complete without our friends.

I would bet money, large sums in fact; that we all have at least one fair weather friend. We can always count on the fair weather friend to be right by our side at the best of times. When we go on that first date, and it ends up being a double date for “security” purposes; we can count on our fair weather friend being there showing their full support. When we have an extra ticket to whatever sporting event it may be, we need not look any further than our fair weather friend. Who will be the first to arrive at our house on Super bowl Sunday or game seven of the NBA playoffs? Our trustworthy fair weather friend of course! When we need a friend that will drink the most drinks, and eat the most food at our social events, we can just call our fair weather friend. If good times are to be had, our fair weather friend will not disappoint us.

While our true friends will be there through thick and thin, our fair weather friend will avoid us like a plague in times of crisis. Our true friends will give us that shoulder to cry on, they will tell us the truth whether it hurts our feelings or not. Our fair weather friend will not show up until there is fun to be had. It is probably safe to say that a...
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