Reaction Paper of Catfish

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Reaction Paper of Catfish
I think the movie is true. The movie moves round with Facebook from the beginning to the end. The technology has grown, and kinds of social networks and communicating software with the growth of technology into our life. In addition, this has made some application running on the internet as virus which spreads fast and allows people to try another side of life, at least different from their physical life in distinct locations. After all, network is network, it is not real life. Various kinds of false information come out on the network which includes illusory news, personal information, network swindle and so on. Whatever, I think social network is not a safe and secure place to form relationships and do business absolutely. Although, there are some positive things with social network, like social network makes friends who live in different city more close and it provide a means through which people could change lives in many things they want to do it or have it. But there still have some negative things happened on social network, for example, someone got kidnapped when they meet net friend, someone got swindled by social network, and someone had been into emotion traps by net friend which is similar as the plot in the movie. Personally, I control myself about social network well because I do not make friend with net friend. I know all of my friends on social network in real life. It has been happening lots of bad things about social network, so the good choice is that do not contact to people who you don’t know online. Maybe, this way would make me have less chance to know friends. But at least, I would not be deceived. One thing is sure; internet has been helping the art which includes song, painting, and other art works. I know some artists have been famous by internet; in the beginning, they post their songs online, then, more and more people like their songs. The internet provides a chance to succeed. And also, internet promotes...
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