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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Bernard Stokes

Professor Greer

College Writing

March 28, 2012

Essay 2

Social network is supposedly is place for you to connect with family and friends but when you are on the networking sites you will find strange behavior by of other people. Some of the behavior is cyber bullying, predators and also hacking. Now I will tell you the long term affects these behavior have on people and I will also explain some solution to these problems. The first behavior that happens on the Internet is Cyber Bullying. Cyber Bullying is the use of the Internet to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. “86 % of parents are monitoring teenager’s social media account in some way (Lewis)”. This quote is showing that cyber bullying is big problem that is going and parents are more aware of this problem and are trying to keep their kids protected. “52% of the parents are concerned about their kids being harassed or teased over the Internet (Lewis)”. This quotes shows that more parents are hesitance about their kids being on social networking because of cyber bullying. One source says that most people harassed people who are in the age range of 9-13 the most out of any age group because they are being more vulnerable and helpless than any other age group who are on the Internet. The long-term affect of cyber bullying is that psychologically scared for a very long time or they commit suicide. Another long-term affect is that cyber bullying can lead to anxiety and loss of interest in socializing. Some solution to solve this problem of cyber bullying is for parents to be alert to warning signs in children at the beginning of the year, such as sudden changes in behavior and not eating. The reason why this is a solution is because if the parents recognized different behavior they can pick up that their behavior is different you can tell that they been harassed bullied or picked on. Another solution is having parents educated your kids on...
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