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Topics: Newspaper, Printing, Mass media Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Benefits Of Reading News Online
The modern world has seen so many revolutions. One of the major revolutions of this world is the invention of the great machine, The Computer. With this and some other developments in the field of information technology that has led to the development of a huge network known as the internet, the world has really got the form of a global village. It has brought about a change in the things along with opinions as well. There have been other associated things also that have got transformed. All these revolutions have a great bearing on the media also. Especially the print media has been affected by this to a certain extent. The news is now being available on the internet and various websites are there which are offering such services without charging any kind of fees. So this has really attracted the people to switch from conventional newspapers to read news online. There are lot of advantages that one gets by reading news online that is responsible for this change. One of the major benefits that one can have is that while reading news online one can switch between different sites fairly easily and can follow different links in a quest to search more and more information. The information often provided in a newspaper is quite limited but this is not the case while you read news online. Practically it is not possible for any journalist to collate all the news feeds and hence the online news is the best way to get to read as many news items as possible. Owing to this, different newspapers have also launched their websites which carry the electronic version of a print newspaper but this may not also work as different sites other than these carry much more information as compared to what these newspapers can have. Apart from offering the news online one can even showcase the most happening events in the form of a video on various websites. This is the major feature that tells the online news reading and the newspapers apart. So one can...
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