Newspapers Convergence to the Internet

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Newspapers convergence to Internet
Intro to Mass Communication
17 April 2013
Newspapers are one of the oldest form of mass communication, dating all the way back to the 17th century. It is one of the mediums that has allowed the community and our society to gain access to informative and entertaining information. However, with the ever increasing development of the technological broadband, newspapers as a main source of circulating news have changed. Since the birth of the internet, access to the same information that newspapers have printed are now more easily available and accessible online to a wider range of the public.

Our society’s hunger to obtain information from both the past and the present have made newspapers one of the most sought out forms of mass communication. It is first through newspapers that have allowed the community to have a better perception of what is occurring around the world. We are able to go back in time to read about our histories, our politics, how our culture has changed and view mistakes in the past to improve on them in the future.

With the ever increasing need to be informed of current news and the popularity of newspapers, the internet has become a better resource for satisfying such a need. Though the printed form of newspapers are becoming less popular, its availability online has been prosperously increasing throughout the years. Today, the printed mass media are declining but methods and the spread of news have never been so popular. Newspapers are not dead, they’re simply undergoing disruptive transition (1). Such transition is to converge with the internet to keep pace with the changes in society. Though not all of the world heavily relies on the internet for updated news, it has inevitably become the new norm for the rest. Readers of online news are not only able to become an audience but are now capable to take part and share their views and judgement towards the news. With news websites allowing their...
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