Reading and Writing Strategies

Topics: Childhood, Developmental psychology, Dyslexia Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: December 7, 2010
The two age groups from different periods in the physical development process are the early childhood development and the early adolescence development. The early childhood development is classified from the ages of two to six years old. Early childhood usually falls in the time where children are in preschool and their language skills develop dramatically. The early adolescence period is from the ages ten to fourteen years old (University of Phoenix, 2004). I chose these two developmental periods because I found them most interesting and they are both very different from the other one.

The expected reading development in early childhood children and early adolescent children is greatly different. Early childhood children have a very short attention span at the beginning on this stage so it is very hard for them to sit still for long enough to understand the concept of reading. Young children usually enjoy being read to but they will very rarely sit with their caregiver for long enough to read an entire book. Once the child reaches the middle of the early childhood stage they have been read to many times so they will start to understand the concept of reading. The child can recognize most letters by their correct name and then use the sound of it to try to read the word. Early adolescence children usually do not have any problems with reading. All books with words in their vocabulary are easy for them to read and they usually enjoy reading. Children from ten to fourteen years old have a large vocabulary that includes complex words (University of Phoenix, 2004). Reading is no longer a hassle because they are passed the stage of sounding out words and putting words together.

The expected writing development is also very different in early childhood children and early adolescence children. The younger group of children goes through a variety of stages that have to do with their writing development. From the ages of two to three the child’s writing...
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