Reading and Writing Experience

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Journal 1: My reading and writing experience

I love readings books. I began to read English novels when I was in primary school. Alice in wonderland, Black beauty, and Charlotte's Web, all these fascinating novels (though in simplified version) made me addicted to read English books.

When I was elder, my English was better. So I decided to read novels in original version, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the first book I chose. I admired Tom’s courage and his brilliant ideas. Since then, I jumped into the sea of reading.

After I entered high school, I decided to study aboard and started reading academic books in English. However, the experience of reading academic books is totally different. There are so many academic words that I don’t recognize, so I have to consult dictionaries every minute. In the beginning, I read the essay word by word, instead of sentence by sentence. When I finished reading, I can’t understand the academic points, since I didn’t read the essay as a whole. I learned from this lesson, and changed my reading process. Now, I will read the whole essay without dictionary at the first time, and try to understand words depending on the context. It helps. The perfect score I earned on AP test is the best evidence.

One thing that I’m good at is to associate the academic ideas with daily life. Several years ago, my parents ordered a wardrobe. When the worker delivered the wardrobe to my home, it wasn’t perpendicular to the ground. However the worker insisted that everything is ok. I thought of an experiment I read on a book, so I tied a cup to a rope, and put it beside the wardrobe, said, ”If the wardrobe is okay, then the rope should perfectly match the edge”. In the end, the winner was I. Associate academic ideas with life not only let me understand the text more, but also strength my memory.

But being a good reader never means being a good writer. I do have strong points on writing, my point of view is often different from...
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