Reflections on Reading and Writing

Topics: Writing, Creative writing, Dyslexia Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: December 11, 2012
For me writing is the process of express our ideas and thoughts on a paper or in any other material where you want to transmit it; using signs. And reading is the process of understand and analyze any type of information that is written. Reading and writing are skills which we do not possess at birth; we develop them as we grow and however they are extremely important to integrate into society. They are two skills that are in development throughout life. The characteristics of a good writer are many and depend on each kind of writer, generally a good writer must have an extensive vocabulary that allows to express their ideas without repeating the same words. The writer should know how to express their ideas easily and creatively in a way that the reader feels attracted, must plan well what they want to express and be organized. The most important thing should be their desire to write and although it was difficult they can enjoy the writing. To be a good writer you have to be also a good reader, read other stories that stimulate the imagination. A good reader is passionate about a writing and is not calm until it ends completely, they pay attention to the details and analyze all ideas while reading. And especially enjoys what they read and have a great desire to read new things and increase their knowledge. A good reader creates images in their mind based on what they read. In my case I like to read and write but I prefer to read even when I’m writing I express myself very well and I enjoy it. Since I was little I liked to read, I learned to read when I was in kindergarten. I always remember that in all places that my parents took me I read everything around me. My parents bought me a few chests that had five books and I read one every day. Since school I started to read novels quite long. In each school year I read at least five novels. Now I do it because I like it, right now I'm reading a book called "Fifty Shades of Grey". The first day I started reading I...
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