Rates and Sequences Development

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Rate and Sequences of development

All children grow and develop in the same sort of order, but they do not all happen in the same rate or sequence. Some children’s development is slower than others so they may be behind other children.

The rate of development is the speed at which the child develops. Children all develop in the same order, but not always at the same rate. For example the stages of walking happen at different times for different children. Some may crawl for longer than others, some may start walking at a very early age, and others may find it difficult and stick to crawling.

The sequence of development is the order at which the child develops. Some children may skip stages of development and others will develop each stage. For example some children may be able to sit up before they can crawl. Other children may be able to crawl, but can not yet sit up on their own.

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Physical Development 0-3 years

The first stages of a childs physical development is being able to move their head from side to side. For example when the child is laying on their back they may tilt and turn their head.

Later on when the child is around 3 months they will be able to kick their legs when they are laying down, and start to grab and grasp things and roll over.

At around 6 months a child should be able to sit up on their own without support.

A big stage in a childs physical development is when they begin to crawl. This happens roughly around eight months and is the first start to the child moving from one place to the next.

At around 11 months the child should be able to stand up, then by around 13 months begins walking.

A child develops rapidly when they begin to walk, only months later they are usually able to kick a ball and may try to run faster than they are actually...
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