Raising Children in Tomorrow's World

Topics: Parenting, Parental leave, Childhood Pages: 3 (1106 words) Published: September 11, 2010
‘Raising children in tomorrow’s world will be more challenging than ever before.’ Discuss.

The ancient proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” illustrates the arduousness of raising children. One’s children are probably the biggest, most uncertain and risky investment in his or her life. Judging by the popularity of self-help books on how to bring up children ‘correctly’, it is evident that many parents are having trouble in child-raising, and are desperately seeking help in it. However, this is not a new phenomenon as parenting troubles have a long history. Today, the problem has manifested in our modern world and parents still face a load of challenges in raising their children and these problems are set to worsen due to the rapid modernization and globalization of values. On top of that, the worlds we live in is set to become increasingly uncertain and more dangerous. On the contrary, the advancement in technology has also done a great part in making parenting more convenient and easy as compared to before as with the use of communicating devices, it is way easier to track the children’s behavior. Despite of the convenience technology has brought about for parents, there are far more uncertainties and challenges that modernization has brought about. Therefore, it is safe to say that raising children in tomorrow’s world will largely be more challenging than before.

Way before globalization began, when different values and ideas were not widespread, parents used to have more influence and control over their children. They had a near monopoly on influence on their children. They had the power to shield their children from unwanted and bad influences. However, in today’s world where the media has a huge and overwhelming influence to our lives, children are being influenced at levels beyond what can be filtered out by their parents. The television now airs shows which glamorizes a life of materialism and immorality and children who watch these shows...
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