Quintessential Leader Description

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Leadership Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: April 9, 2012
The main focus of this research paper is leadership qualifications in the workplace. Please structure a research paper to address the following issues:

(A) Develop the academic foundations of leadership by providing a brief literature review of three (3) current articles (that is, within the last 4 years) that relate to any of Daniel Goleman's theories. Research other articles not use used in the course. Make sure that the articles you choose are appropriate and related to you topic. The articles do not require Goleman as an author.

(B ) Describe what you consider to be the quintessential good leader using additional research literature (in addition to those of the previous Goleman literature review) to support your defense.

(C) Using the research from the Goleman literature reviews (category A), and the literature used to describe the quintessential leader (category B ), develop a theoretical leadership model with a focus on middle manager leadership qualifications for an existing or fictitious organization. Use one of the teamwork development models from threaded discussion 2.2 as one of the expectation of the leader. In other words, I want you to build an organization with a middle manager (leader) which instills all of the characteristics that you choose to describe, defend, and analyze. This is your chance to put your preferred leadership resource in place.

It is recommended that you include at least three characteristics for your leadership qualification model. Note: you have full autonomy to provide the list of characteristics as long as it is defended using proper research methods. Make sure you analyze each characteristic and defend your assertions.

(D) The research paper framework should be designed as follows (more is allowed):

* Cover page
* Table of Contents (TOC)
* Introduction (approximately one page)
* Statement of problem (approximately one paragraph)
* Purpose (approximately one paragraph indicating reason for the...
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