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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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1. The most important step in the research process is __________. (Points: 3)        determining the research design
       designing data collection methods and forms
       preparing the research report
       formulating the problem

2. Change that is proactive, or future-oriented, is known as __________. (Points: 3)        future shock
       active change
       planned change
       unanticipated change

3. Well-planned and executed marketing research should produce __________. (Points: 3)        new marketing strategies
       action plans for management to implement
       a set of alternative decisions for management
       pertinent information

4. A written statement that describes the marketing problem, the purpose of the study, and the research methodology to be used is known as a __________. (Points: 3)        research proposal
       statement of technique
       research request
       research outline

5. What is the basic purpose for conducting marketing research? (Points: 3)        To make decisions for managers
       To furnish information that helps managers make better decisions        To assist government regulatory agencies
       To help develop new products

6. Which of the following is NOT a common activity of a marketing research department? (Points: 3)        Measuring market potential
       Creating new advertising
       Conducting location analyses
       Preparing sales analyses

7. To design a marketing information system, analysts need to know __________. (Points: 3)        what types of decisions each decision-maker regularly makes        what types of special studies are periodically requested        what information is necessary to make decisions        All of the above

8. Historically, one problem with the research project emphasis of gathering marketing intelligence has been __________. (Points: 3)        its crisis-response orientation
       its lack of validity
       the lack of trained researchers
       the lack of computer resources

9. The recommended minimum time spent in test market is __________. (Points: 3)        less than 3 months
       3 to 6 months
       7 to 9 months
       10 to 12 months

10. A causal research design is typically concerned with __________. (Points: 3)        the frequency with which something occurs
       the discovery of ideas and insights
       how two variables vary together
       the determination of cause-and-effect relationships

11. Exploratory research can be used to __________. (Points: 3)        increase the analyst's familiarity with the problem        clarify concepts 
       establish priorities in dealing with explanation of problems        All of the above

12. Radio-listening statistics gathered by Arbitron are typically collected using __________. (Points: 3)        people meters Since 2007, Neilsen uses Portable People Meters        telephone surveys

       mail diaries

13. BehaviorScan is an attempt to gain what advantage that mail diaries have over other scanners? (Points: 3)        speed
       the matching of demographic characteristics to purchase behavior        unbiased responses

14. Nielsen's Scantrack service allows clients to evaluate the effectiveness of __________. (Points: 3)        short-term promotions
       pricing changes
       new product introductions
       All of the above

15. The Nielsen Retail Index is an example of a __________. (Points: 3)        pantry audit
       diary panel audit
       store audit
       product audit

16. If possible, the researcher should always begin with which type of data? (Points: 3)        internal primary data
       external primary data
       internal secondary data
       external secondary data

17. In general, the most productive source of internal secondary data for marketing research problems is...
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