The Prospects of Organic Textile Market

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Topic: The prospects of organic textile market in Hong Kong.


The organic apparel market is growing every year as consumers, who appetites have been whetted with organic foods, are seeking to expand their organic lifestyle to include apparel. The research is going to evaluate the prospects of organic textile market in Hong Kong.


To more understand the attitude and beliefs of Hong Kong people on wearing more green and their expectation on organic textile. To evaluate the customer likelihood of purchasing organic cotton apparel.


The result of research can give more ideas to manufacturers and investor for improving or promoting the organic textile to the market.

To promote the organic textile in Hong Kong, raising people’s awareness on the advantage of using organic cotton.

Marketing research problems:

Through the marketing research, we are trying to answer the following marketing research problems:

Which segment is most interesting on buyer organic apparel?
How did customer get the information about organic apparel?
What’s the motivation behind on wearing organic apparel?
What’s the reason if customer didn’t rater to wear organic apparel? What’s the important element in organic apparel?
Is it only a fashion trend or becoming a necessity?

Methodology – Quantitative research

Conclusive research
For determining and evaluating the best course of action to take in a given situation, conclusive research is used for describing the consumers, and determining the perceptions of product characteristics. Meanwhile, through causal research, we are looking for evidence that a cause-and-effect relationship exists or does not exist in between the variables.

Quantitative research – questionnaire
Sampling – Convenience sample
Sampling size – 150
Data collection – e-mail

Secondary data – Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department

Population size of Hong Kong in 2009: 7.01...
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