Queens Goals Essay

Topics: Management, Strategic business unit, Strategic management Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: October 9, 2011
For the past six years I have been working as a techno-functional professional in the IT services sector, where I deal with various aspects related to IT project management. My goals have gradually evolved through my experience in the IT industry. In the short term after completing MBA I envision myself in a position where I lead the team that works on planning operational goals and strategies for an IT organization. In the long run, I would like to rise to an executive position in the organization where I head either the organization or one of its strategic business units.

I began my career in the IT industry with eClerx as a financial analyst. After a year and half I moved on to Accenture where I started working as a software engineer. By virtue of my ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of the project that we were executing for Barclays Bank, within a few months I was promoted to a senior software engineer. A year later I was made a ‘team lead’. As I demonstrated responsibility by taking up new initiatives in my role I was sent to UK at the client site to learn various operational processes first hand. At Tech Mahindra too I was one of the team leads selected to go Netherlands and work with the client KPN. This role presented me the opportunity to assume greater responsibilities in overseeing other people's work. I currently supervise the development of a broad band network based business application as well as train and assist my colleagues on multiple projects.

So far I have had the fortune of working in India, UK and Netherlands. My ability to integrate easily in foreign communities has provided me with the confidence to anticipate and even enjoy challenges abroad – a capability that could only benefit my future endeavors. While my experience has given me a good understanding of the IT services industry, what I lack are skills in business management. An MBA would be an effective forum for garnering such skills. What I also expect from an MBA...
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