Benefits of Studying an Mba in the United States.

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  • Published : October 5, 2010
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Benefits of studying an MBA in the United States.
Knowledge in the area of business is very important for any administrator or owner of a business because it is a key to success for any company in competitive environments. When I started to study business in the university I thought that if I have only a university degree in business can be enough to manage any company. I studied the administrative process, administrative theories, finance, accounting, marketing, cost and human resources. My classmates and I thought that this knowledge was enough for a business manager. However, leading a company requires a technical knowledge in different administrative areas. The companies are very complex and they work in highly competitive environments, their costumers are very demanding and require high-quality goods and services. Although some students and professionals think that a university degree in business is enough to manage a company, in my experience I found some evidences to demonstrate there are benefits to study an MBA. Most people think that they can manage any company with a university degree. They say that a university degree in business provides the necessary knowledge if some person want to manage a business. However, my experience on best practices of business administration say otherwise because the companies require that a manager has solid knowledge in strategic business areas of a company. In my opinion, people with a university degree in business have basic knowledge of business administration. My experience says that a manager should have skills to manage, develop and motivate staff under his direction and a critical analysis of business alternatives under uncertainty. Similarly, a manager must develop awareness of their own values and the effect of these values in making decisions within the organization. Understand the operation of different functional units of an enterprise such as business law, human capital management, organizational...
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