Please Give a Short Statement That Describes Your Academic Interests, Purpose, Objectives and Motivation in Undertaking This Postgraduate Study. (Max 3500 Chars – Approx. 500 Words)

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Management consulting Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 4, 2011
If you want to manage somebody, manage yourself. Do that well and you'll be ready to stop managing, and start leading.

- Anonymous

When I was in the 9th grade, I took up commerce as the optional subject for the sheer reason of exploring it anticipating a career in a non-science field. My High School results card declared my excellence of commerce over science and I took that as a clue to take up commerce in Junior college & to later pursue it in my undergraduate degree. I secured a First Class with a specialization in Financial & Management Accounting.

During my days as commerce undergraduate, I came across various options for a choice of career and perceived Management to be a challenging, versatile, innovative & evolving preference of many. Though it attracts a multitude, only a handful are able to make a mark and I want to be amongst those few.

Having finished undergraduate studies, unlike many of my batch-mates, I did not opt for a job that would train me in either back office support or bare minimum accounting practices; only to end up doing a clerical job for the sole purpose for earning money. I decided to continue my studies to shape up my career and choose Healthcare Management. I joined the Symbiosis International University to initiate my professional studies.

The Healthcare Industry is one, which affects peoples’ lives & contributes towards the building of any nation in a holistic manner. Also, globally one can categorize the Healthcare Industry as one with a high a potential for growth, development and innovation for a better living in times to come. The Business Week Magazine cites that “since 2001, the health-care industry has added 1.7 million jobs”, which is quite a high number when compared to other industries., a leading finance & investment oriented website says that “A latest study by global management consultants McKinsey predicts that India's healthcare industry will reach a staggering USD 190 billion mark...
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