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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Why return to college to pursue an MBA
October 8, 2012
Jill Hagist

Why return to college to pursue an MBA
Should I go back to college after all these years? I asked myself this question many times over the years. I actually feel like I wasted many years pondering this question. There never seemed to be enough time, enough money, and enough energy. Certainly there where enough excuses not to return to college to pursue my MBA. I have always felt like I am too old to return to school. According to "Taking the Next Step" (2012), the amount of people that are returning to school has and will dramatically increase. “When I got a graduate degree at 30, I was far older than most of my peers. But mature students are the wave of the future. By 2007, more than a third of people studying for an associate’s or higher degrees were 25 and older. By 2017, the ranks of these older students are expected to grow 20 percent, according to the US Department of Education”. (para. 1). I have been working for the past twenty five years in my field and have always wanted to return to college. I thought about my decision many times during the years. I always regretted not taking the time to return to college. Family and friends have said to me why do you need this degree so late in life? Some have said why spend the money? I personally feel that I could do more within my field and have interests that extended beyond patient care. I have become more interested in the health care field as a business. I have found new interests in how the industry works from a financial arena. The healthcare industry including Medicare and Medicaid are popular topics of interest at this time. This is the area that I presently work in, so I feel that this is the opportune time for me to seek an advanced degree. In addition to my MBA, I have included a second major, an MSN (Master’s Degree in Nursing) so I will have the opportunity to capitalize on both areas making me more...
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