Draft a Narrative About Returning to School. You May Explore the Issues Regarding Why You Decided to Return to School, the Benefits of Obtaining a College Degree, Changes in Your Lifestyle Required for You to Pursue

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, Madrasah Pages: 3 (544 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Greatest Decision of My Life

By: Decarlo Mealing

Manu career currently require that an applicant have some type of higher education in

order to have a chance at competing for a good job in today’s job market .Therefore,

returning back to school to complete my degree after 12 years was very rational and

thinking it out it me and my wife that it was time. We are sometime told that experience

is the key to get the perfect job, but I disagree with that, have a degree in that field will

help you in and getting that opportunity from a manager or boss will landed you that

perfect job. But in years in the workforce I have learned that is not always the case.

Employers will sometime use the fact that you don’t have a degree against you and

after miss some jobs I really want I refuse to let this happen to me every again. I want

from this day forward to be armed with everything that the next candidates have and so

I can feel that I belong with them.

Today’s workforce is forever growing and in order to land that big jobs or promotion you

must be able to compete with other and have extra special things that make you stand out.

Experience is very important almost key in some cases, but in my opinion having a

college degree will help and will make you very marketable and wanted. Some times

have a degree or other credential will set you apart from all the other candidates and most

of the time that will work in you advantage to land that promotes or dream job.

Returning back to school to obtain my degree was pertinent to my future and also my kid

because it show them it is never too late to lived your dream or make yourself a better

person in social, I tell my kids all the time you just don’t want to be another number. I

express to them when every I might leave this earth, I want them to know that there

daddy last name had a mean and that they have to work...
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