Why I Want to Go to College

Topics: Higher education, High school, Madrasah Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: April 7, 2013
​As your high school experience come to an end, many people wonder where life will take them next. Most young adults feel that it is indispensable to enter the work field, but I feel that going to college is more important that getting a job once you leave from high school. As a child that has grown in the inner city of New York I feel that going to college is a marvelous choice for self-improve. There are so many reasons I want to go to college; I believe that going to college is the first step to my success. College is not only an education of a career that you desire to do but it gives you a sense of independence, for survival and entrance to adult-hood. ​​​In essence, when I was growing up I wanted to go to college because I was told that was the right thing to do if I wanted to be a virile personal in this world. As I become older and wiser I now realize that I want to go to college not because I am told to go but I am now able to comprehend that getting a college education is the key to my future fortune. Some may argue that you can become a lucrative person with just intrinsic talent which is true. However, there are more people that are blessed with astounding talents that do not have an efficacious career than of people who do. Being college educated is something that you will always have and no one is able to take that away from you once you earn your degree.​​​​​​​Additionally, the goals I have for entering college is to leave with my PH.D in education. Getting your PH.D is a long process but the entire journey is worth it. What I have learn about having a college degree and being in the work field is that the more educated you are the higher up the success latter you will go. The career field that I would like to go into is education for children with autism. A career like require a college education because one day I will be teacher the children of tomorrow. Also, a college education is required is because it tells your employer if you know the...
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