Long Term Goals Mba

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Management, Economics Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: January 18, 2011
"Be Unique".

A flavor, that I wish is a part of everything I do.
Occasionally, my conscious attempts towards achieving this have been rewarded like winning personality contests or being a ‘Lead Infy’ finalist. I have had moments of failures too. In the long term, I aspire to be an Entrepreneur with an innovative business model.

As a guitarist I yearned for an “automatic guitar tuner”, this became the topic of my graduation project. Other instances such as utilizing a rented SUV as transport during a hartal and generating revenues for a big budget show by sourcing and selling T-Shirts prove be credible testimonies to my conscious efforts in pursuing my passion.

In the short term, I wish to acquire the knowledge and experience that will help me to pursue my long term goal. Working as a Sr Systems Engineer at Infosys, I have acquired great comfort levels in leveraging technology to solve complex business problems. A growing interest in understanding the nuances of business made me aspire to be a Business Consultant in the Ecommerce industry. This role will increase both my industry specific and organizational know-how. With the experience gained I would go on to develop an innovative ECommerce solution that caters to the Indian markets. However, I believe an MBA is fundamental in making this transition to a Consultant.

True, Innovation cannot be taught. But through trial by fire experiences I have realized that an innovative idea looses its value without proper execution. An MBA with a focus in marketing and operations would help me overcome the blind spots in my understanding. The ISB’ian curriculum with a deep focus in Entrepreneurship is tailor made for my future aspirations. I stand to gain immensely from courses like PaEV and clubs like BT and WCED. The diverse perspectives that are tabled in the interactions with the ISB’ians would add a new dimension to my understanding of business.
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