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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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3c.Examining the methods of consultation employed in one quality scheme to encourage participation by under-represented groups To understand deeply about the customer’s demand is very important with a business because it will directly affect to business’s profit. Applying Six-sigma scheme, not only help company eliminate wastes, increase the productivity but also support company to know more about customer. The principle Six-sigma Voice of customer (VoC) should be used to “describe the stated and unstated needs or requirements of the customer (both internal and external). Almost customers are afraid of speaking out what they wants so the company need to use various ways to know customer’s needs, including: direct discussion, surveys, customer specification , observation and so on from both represented and under represented groups. After knowing the customer’s need, the company can list down all the factors then making trade-off analysis to priority which factors will be done first to satisfy all customers. (Andre, 2012) In the case of Mozilla, it can be said that almost company’s customers speak English as the first language and little are Vietnamese users so Mozilla still needs to pay attention and satisfy Vietnamese customers. The population of Vietnam in 2011 was approximately 87 million compared with 7 billion people around the world (Nguyen Quoc, 2012) so Vietnamese accounted for 1.24% of world population. With Vietnamese, English is the second language and not popular so there is a small group of Vietnamese people can use and write English while there are 27% English users in websites in the world.

% languages used in websites in 2000, 2005 and 2011 (Steven Millward, 2012) Assumption that there are 1000 feedbacks are sent for Mozilla through email, forum, Bugzilla, etc, everyday by all ways and based on the percentages above, there will be 12 feedbacks from Vietnamese and 270 from English users. However, there is only 1 person giving feedback by...
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