Quality Management Methods

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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Quality Management Methods
Tennis Racquets

“Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.” The Japanese system of principles and methods for quality management is regarded to be one the best in the world. In many different instances and trials it has really proven to be so, that is why It would be used it to boost quality indicators for our manufacturing of Tennis racquets. Defining quality expectations is critical for successful and efficient operations. Our Tennis Racquet Company is extremely focused on delivering not only a high quality product, but also an overall exceptional experience. To stay true to our expectations we will implement several quality management methods to be certain that only the highest quality of products reach our customers. The methods and strategies that would be most effective to identify and measure correlation of quality indicators are as follows: 1. Claim application forms, which easily collects claims from customers or end users and is used as a feedback and record for further data analysis. Ex.: How many Tennis racquets had any defect during use? What kind of defects? 2. Histogram allows identifying correlation of various factors with relation to certain conditions and frequency of occurrence. Ex.: In what applications the defect occurs? 3. Production Flow Diagram breaks production into stages and allows detecting the exact point of defect occurrence. Ex.: Is this a defect of material (problem has to be claimed to the supplier) or defect of our production? 4. Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram allowing identification of detailed causes of defective consequences developing from 5M: “man, material, measurement, machinery, methods” (Appendix 1). We also plan on putting our Tennis racquets through additional rigorous tests on and of the tennis court to ensure that our product can with stand the wear and tear of even the highest...
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