Quality Circles in Management

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Ensuring quality is a big challenge among companies especially the start-ups. One way to achieve quality standards is to motivate employees to focus more on quality as it improves profit ,improves quality and saves time, Thus companies came up with the concept that Participative methods in the workplace are one way to improve both the work environment for employees and productivity and quality for the company .This has lead to the evolution of the concept quality circles. .Introduction of quality circles helped the companies to solve many of the problems and improved quality and profit. Many companies are trying to introduce quality circles within their companies. Quality Circle is one of the employee participation methods. It implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation.

It can be defined as a small group of employees who meets regularly to idendify analyse and solve product-quality and production problems and to improve general operation. It can be also defined as a small group of people who volunterly perform quality improvement activities within the work area to which they belong.

Quality circles were first practiced in united states in 1950’s, but it does not gain that popularity then, but later on it has developed by Dr.Kaoru Ishikinawa in japan in 1960’s.With his contribution it has gained popularity ,not only in japan but other parts of world world also, as a result of this the concept was re-exported to the united states in 1970’s.But by the time of 1980’s it had lost it popularity by the introduction of total quality management. In 1980’s quality circles was introduced in India and the company BHEL (Bharath heavy electrical limited) was the first one to adopt the quality circles. BHEL is an electrical company which manufactures heavy electrical components like radars which has been used in defence. By 1985 BHEL had 1411 Circles covering around 13362 members .As it gained popularity among Indian companies a federation for quality circles was formed. QCFI was established as a non-profit body in the year 1982 with Hyderabad as Head Quarters. QCFI is recognized as an institution serving the cause of Quality Circle movement in India and represents the country in the International committee of 13 nations set up for organizing international conventions on Quality Control Circles annually in rotation. QCFI conducts various training programme at Head Quarters and chapters. A book titled ‘Quality Circle in India’ was brought out in the year 1986 with the materials available in QCFI but as a book. Another example of company benefitted by quality circle is Tata motors In 1983 Tata Motors (formerly Telco) started Quality Circles, the company is been into manufacturing of mechanical components such as alternator in heavy vehicles Jcb and trucks, by 1985 they had more than 400 Circles, which shows the improvement of the company. With these examples it is clear that Quality Circles have emerged as a mechanism to develop and utilize the tremendous potential of people for improvement in product quality and productivity.
It’s mainly based on two ideas:

That employee can make often better suggestions for improving work processes than management. In any organisations employees are the real resources working behind any process ,they are the one who undergoes through each and every phases of a project ,where they will be facing a lots of obstacles during the ground level operation and they are the one who can come out with the real effective solution to overcome the obstacles for the smooth functioning of the organisation...... That employee are motivated by their participation in making such improvements If they have given an opportunity to discuss among themself and...
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