Diversity Action Plan

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Diversity Action Plan

University of Phoenix

SOC315: Cultural Diversity

Dr. Abbas Khajeaian

October 21, 2007


The purpose of this paper is to describe a selected organization or workgroup that has

grown in population and diversity and to develop an action plan that has accurate information

best describing the trends in population growth and diversity within this organization. The

organization selected for this diversity action plan is Federal Express.

Diversity Action Plan

Organizations in every size are realizing the value of creating a plan to increase and manage diversity within their companies. The steps in developing this plan can include; assessing needs, defining goals and methods, open lines of communication, and evaluation. FedEx recognized early in its endeavors to become worldwide that diversity inclusion would be vital to this success. Assessment

As assessment of the firm’s needs is the first step toward developing this plan. Through consultation with managers, staff, customers and clients, this process can begin (Employer Resource Guide, 2004). The elements of an assessment of need may include: •matching the diversity profile of the workforce at all levels to the diversity profile of clients/customers •Is the workforce diverse enough to provide a broad range of ideas and perspectives •Survey the customer base to determine if they know how they perceive the organization •When hiring, is there a broad and diverse talent pool to choose from •Is the organization competing with other organizations on an international level •Are there communities which are currently under-served

Do the employees feel included and respected at work
Do the employees have the supports and training they need to achieve success in their work •Are there any diversity-related services or supports that can put in place to increase employee productivity •Has the company had complaints of unfair treatment or discrimination from staff or clients/customers •Are the marketing strategies effective in the communities served or hope to serve •Are there missed opportunities for business from certain communities or groups

Define Goals and Methods

Goals can be simple or complex. A simple goal may be to market job postings to the broadest representation of the community or to host diversity workshops for managers and staff. A complex goal may involve increasing diversity at all levels of the organization over a multi-year period, launching training programs, developing strategies to foster a general climate of inclusion and or taking on other aspects of diversity. Determining goals may include: •Creating a more diverse workforce that better matches the diversity of the customer base •Finding a broader pool of qualified workers in order to combat successfully looming skills or labor shortages. •Increasing market share by reaching out to currently under-served communities. •Raising awareness of, and commitment to, workplace diversity principles within the organization. •Fostering greater understanding of the organization's specific business case for increasing diversity. •Creating a more respectful, supportive, inclusive and ultimately productive workplace.

Methods for reaching diversity goals may include:
Developing hiring practices that attract a more diverse pool of applicants. •Creating links and partnerships with community agencies that can assist in reaching a broader talent pool. •Training those doing the hiring to better assess competencies, skills, prior learning and foreign credentials. •Establishing workplace diversity training.

Providing supports to new immigrant employees such as language training or mentorship.

Open the Lines of Communication

For any diversity plan to work there must be buy-in at all levels of the organization. It is Assessing the perceptions of diversity issues is useful in...
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