Qualities of a Great Mom

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Qualities of a great mom

In this essay I want write about moms great quality every mom has a special quality my mom is a special women she have birth to five kids and she raise all of us by her self she has been a mom

and dad for all of us

First my mom is a great mom she had my two oldest sisters in Mexico were was really hard cause they didn't have enough money to take care of two girls first it was my sister Claudia than my sister

Sara she would tell us that it was hard to feed them but she always find a way to feed theme and keep theme healthy by than she was still with the dad of my sisters but he didn't have a job they were struggling

my mom was such a great woman that she starve thane see her girls starve. She has always been a great cook and a great cook can always prepare something even i they just have beans and potatoes

theye can always make something come of what ever.

Second my mom had another baby that did'nt make she had a miscarriage but she was so brave that overcome her sadness and depression to be Abel to take care of her other two angels that were still

with her even of her lost she still took care of theme like if nothing happened which im really proud of her. Thane a year later she had another baby name Angel and know his 23 years old she was so happy that

even though she had a miscarriage she had another healthy baby with out complications. After she had my brother Angel she had my twin and my self wish im so proud of her of being such a strong woman and

had us twins I thinks that one of her best qualities the ability to have twins girls not allot of wemons have twins or get pregnant after having a miscarriage cause they are scared of loosing another baby but my

mom was really brave to over come her lost.

Another quality of my mom is that she is a really smart and hard working mother my mom went to school to study how to do cakes for wedding and birthdays or any special event and she started...
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