Career Choice

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As a child do you remember knowing what career path you would take? I certainly did, or at least I thought I did. When I was younger I always talked about being a social worker. As I got older and started to build my life it changed. I went from being a teacher to being a nurse. Although I went to school for medical I still feel in my heart that my career path is in social work. Now that I know what career path I will take it is up to me to make it happen. With the drive and ambition instilled in me there is no other outcome but success. From the time I was a young child I had the dream to help others. I hoped to one day be able to give others the kind of care and compassion that was once shown to my family. Many people have taken time away from their families to assist mine. For instance one time the church came to our house and replaced all the windows. Our windows were all missing and we were not financially able to replace them ourselves. As a child, we did not have much food or money. One thing we did prosper in was love. My mother was a very loving and caring person. Even though we did not have much she was always there to help other less fortunate families. For many years we could not afford to cook thanksgiving or Christmas dinner but my mother would have our family serving dinner to other hungry families. This is why I am so focused on my career now. This is why I am working hard to become a social worker. I want to be a socialworker that can help those in need when they most need it. I grew up very poor and went without. Many times the kindness of others helped us get through to the next week or month. I hope that I can make a difference in a family’s life like our social worker was in ours. I was the youngest of five children. We were raised in Southern California in a town called Riverside. My mother was of strong Christian faith and did what she could to keep us in church. My brother and I attended Christian school for several years so that we may have a good

education. Because of the absence of our father, or mother felt that she had to compensate for what he did not do. She did what she could and it was always enough for us. Many times our mother would work two or three jobs just to make ends meet. She would go without dinner so that we would have more to eat. She made many sacrifices in order for us to have a normal childhood. Her actions contributed to me being thankful for what I have and not living beyond my means. There was many life lessons that my mother taught me without even knowing it. My mother taught me to do what it takes to take care of your children. My mother also taught me that a father is a very important part of a child’s life. The fact that my father never tried to have a relationship with me caused many years of Anger. I generally am not an angry person but the fact that he never tried to help angers me. When I think about the times that he could have helped and made our lives easier it disgusts me. For years I tried to control my anger and excuse his actions. I recently read an article online that was part of a study done at Harvard. The study suggests that being angry is an important part of development. Professor George Vaillant, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School says "People think of anger as a terribly dangerous emotion and are encouraged to practise 'positive thinking', but we find that approach is self-defeating and ultimately a damaging denial of dreadful reality," he said. "Negative emotions such as fear and anger are inborn and are of tremendous importance. Negative emotions are often crucial for survival: careful experiments such as ours have documented that negative emotions narrow and focus attention so we can concentrate on the trees instead of the forest." (Hill, 2009)

I would have to say the reason I have so much ambition is because of the important people in my life. My mother was one of the strongest most influential people in my life....
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