Best Mom

Topics: Middle school, Parent, Mother Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Best mom essay

Hello my name is Cassandra and I Will Be talking about my mom and why she should become one of the best moms in San Diego. I believe that my mom has done many things to receive this kind of award and I think that she is one of the greatest moms. There are many reasons that I say why she should become on of the best moms in SanDiego. Some of the reasons that she should become one of the greatest moms in San Diego are because she has volunteered at my school and she has sacrificed many things for me and my siblings and she is also a good role model. These are only some traits if my mom and in the rest of this essay I will be elaborating on these 3 traits of my mother. My mom should be one of the greatest moms in San Diego because she did volunteer at our school and help out. My school has a mandatory of 15 hours that the parents of a student have to volunteer at the school in a year. My mom has volunteered at the school for not only 15 hours. She was done with her volunteer hours around the 3rd moth of school and yet she still volunteers even though it isn’t mandatory after that. At a school program called Acess we do a lot of community services like helping g in beach clean up, doing volunteer at the Ronald MacDonald house and helping kids with autism. Over all we have done more that 20 community services within my years there and my mom has volunteered in almost all of them and helped manage the kids. That is one of the reasons that I believe that my mom should be one of the greatest moms in San Diego. The second reason that my mom should be nominated as one of the greatest is because she has taught me many lessons and many things that will help me in life. Some of the things that my mom has taught me are Responsibility, Organization, respect, Honor, and honesty. All these things are lessons that will help me in school middle school, high school, college, and even after I get out of school just in life. I believe that because I learned many...
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