A Good Sister

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Qualities of a good sister are: understanding, caring, non-judgmental, good listener, giver, sympathetic, loving, supportive but most of all, my sister is determined for her and her family to succeed in life. My sister had alot of obstacles in her life like early pragnancy, she dropped out of school, and she also raised five children. My sister is on of the most determined people I know in my life. My sister was twelve years old when she had her first child. My sister was very young so she didnt know excatly to do. She kept her preganacy a secret from our mom for a long time. Once the secret was out she was out the house at twelve. My sister didnt seem to learn her learn lesson she had two more children before she was nineteen years old. She took care of her no matter what. My sister dropped out of middle school after she had her first child so she never had a chance to get a real education. My sister ended up going out and getting a job as a babysitter to keep providing for her and her three kids. Her never went without anything. They always had the lastest clothes, shoes, toys, and wahtever eles they wanted. I dont know how she managed to pull it off without support of fathers, my mom helped often. When my died almost eight years ago my sister took my and I into her home without any hesitation. She has been raising us every since then. She dosent recieve help from anybody. My sister is determined that her kids and siblings will succeed in life. She always tells us " No matter what anybody throws in your way, God will make a way for you to get through." My sister raised five kids with no help. I think she's superwomen. My sister is my inspiration to do better in life. I want to take care of her just like she took care of me. By her being determined to make my life better, I'm determined to show her and make her proud. She has been the biggest impact in my life and I really love and appreciate her for that. She is just like a second mom to me.I will never give up...
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