Public Transportation

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Ever wonder in the morning whether to take the bus or to take the car? Why take the car to work when you can take a two or three minute walk to the bus stop down the road, and only pay a dollar twenty five? Taking a bus or train or any other kind of public transportation will always be more advantageous than taking the car. By taking your car to work you help to pollute the earth and its atmosphere. You also increase traffic and parking congestions. Last but not least you end up spending more of your hard earned money on gas, car maintenance, etc. Have you ever wondered how much pollution you help cause every day due to the use of your car? No doubt, cars are a great advantage in our lives; they transport us to our destinations with ease and comfort. I believe that if your car is not carrying its capacity then you are helping to contribute to one of the biggest problems that our world faces today; pollution! By using public transportation you save the environment in many ways. With fewer cars on the road there will be less pollution and you also help ease traffic congestion. Fewer vehicles on the road mean fewer emissions of carbon dioxide and other green house gasses. This is good for the earth.

Another big problem we face today is traffic and parking issues. If everybody takes a bus to school or work there would be less traffic on the roads and fewer parking issues. There simply will not be that many cars on the road. Taking a bus will get you to your destination albeit at a slower rate. Busses can take you all over the place. Check out the bus schedule; you will find busses going all over the city. Another advantage of taking public transportation is that you don’t need to worry about parking issues, or high parking prices. You also don’t have to hassle over parking space in a crowded parking lot. Once you get to your destination you simply walk away from your transportation! The amount of money spent on cars and fuel is unbelievably high. Fuel...
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