Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

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Reduce your Ecological Footprint Essay
You may not realize it, but having a large ecological footprint can cause a vast effect on our earth. We may not see an immediate affect but slowly we are becoming the big reason for the earth’s loss of natural resources. The ecological footprint measures human impact on the earth. The ecological footprint calculates how much land and water area we use. This includes the areas for producing the resources we consume, the space for our buildings and roads, and for its waste such as carbon dioxide. It’s calculated by your use of housing, goods and services, carbon and food. Your ecological footprint also tracks the supply of natural resources remaining; it shows how much productive area is available to provide your goods and services. This is the point where the earth is today; in an overshoot. Where the population uses of the environment exceeds the carrying capacity. Our demand for natural resources overdoes the supply of the earth. To sustain our resource consumption rate at what we have today, we would need more than one planet! It is important for society to work towards reducing our Ecological Footprint because if we run out of all our natural resources like oil, what will happen in the future? Can you imagine a world without oil to run our cars? We may not notice that were running out but think about it, why are gas prices going up? Because, the oil is running out and one day we will eventually run out and we have to learn to deal with it because then there’s nothing we could do about it, but right now; we can, so why don’t we. It’s not easy to make changes your lifestyle, but little changes an make a big difference. Taking a car to school/work also releases a great amount of carbon when all added up and can cause climate change in the future. Each car, on average produces 20 pounds of CO2 for every gallon of gas consumed. That's roughly 5 to 9 tons of CO2 each year for a typical vehicle. Not to worry, there are...
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