Public Policy Process

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Public Policy Process

When America becomes crippled with devastating effects, public policies are created to keep America standing. Policies are rules and actions that are put in place to protect the citizens that line in America. Policies are not created overnight. Public policies go through a difficult process. They must go through 5 different steps: national agenda, formulation, adoption, implementation, and evaluation. Policies are finely adjusted over time to make sure it meets the needs on the American people.

When anything become important to a large amount of Americans or when the public wants the government to address numerous of issues, then it becomes a national agenda. Issues such as health care reform, America’s Budget Surplus, or National Security are prime examples of national agenda. “A major impact of the Court’s decision is the 129 million people with pre-existing conditions and millions of middle class families who will have the security of affordable health coverage.” (1) Once an issue is put on national agenda, formulation firmly decides how the government will respond to the national agenda or problems presented. The issue is, not all political parties or the American people (congress, branch officials, lobbyist) may agree to the remedies or ways o solve national or local issues, which debates will take place. After debating the government will select a public policy solution and will be passed laws to adopt the policy, known as the adoption process. After a policy becomes adopted, federal agencies such as Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense, Homeland Security will determine how applicable policies are carried out. Finally, the policy are evaluated for feedback from experts who extremely care about the issue at stake in order to properly create public policies. Without this process, American policies wouldn’t shield the American people.


1.DeParle, Nancy-Ann. Supreme Court Uphold President Obama’s...
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