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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Assignment 3: Position Paper|
Dr. Okafor PAD 510|


President Obama proposed a health care plan that will allow every American to have substantial health care coverage. When discussing Obama’s healthcare plan, there are lobbyist that support and some that are against his healthcare policy. Lobbyists are activist that intend to persuade members of the government to enact legislation in order to benefit their group of interest. (Nadler, 2006) Lobbyists do not just select the topic of the moment to lobby for, instead they have done sufficient and adequate research and analyzed legislation to determine which issues are most important.

The position of a lobbyist in favor of Obama’s healthcare reform suggests that this health care plan will make health care insurance much more affordable for Americans. Health insurers will also be held more accountable and cannot deny coverage due to a pre-existing illness. It also prevents companies from dropping individuals when they become very ill. Insurance will be more affordable and the cost of premiums will reduce which will help millions of families that cannot afford to have healthcare insurance today. Ninety-five percent of Americans will be insured under Obama’s healthcare plan. Americans that are satisfied with the coverage they currently have, nothing will change with their policy. Business owners that are required to offer insurance to their employees will be given a tax credit to help pay for their premiums. Medicare will also be protected under this reform for the seniors. This reform is also attempting to ensure that Medicare will still be available to the next generation of seniors by ending the amount of dollars that are overpaid to the insurance companies. Another positive aspect of the health insurance plan is many people that were uninsured can now afford coverage, which in turn, reduces the cost due to the fact that many Americans that were uninsured used emergency room...
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