Topics: Memory, Time, Term Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 16, 2013
My study habits consist of sitting down in front of the television or sitting down at the kitchen table. I then open my books and notes and read over the material. The material I need to memorize I repeat in my head over and over. I try to study before the exam date, but usually I end up studying the night before the test. I also study my homework and quizzes before the exam to have an idea of what may be on the test.

Some of my study habits are effective such as having a peaceful environment with no interruptions when I study. I don’t always sit down at the table to study but when I do sit at the table with no distractions around me its much easier to study. This is because memory is very sensitive to interruption. So by sitting at the table I have a better chance of encoding, storing and retrieving the information that I studied. Another effective study habit I have is, before a test I go over all of my homework and quizzes that lead up to the test. This is effective because it gives me an idea of what will be on the test and gives me an idea of what I need to study more of. A semi effective study habit I use is repeating information that I need to know for a test, over and over in my head or aloud. This is called maintenance rehearsal it is semi effective because it is remembered in your short term memory and not usually long term. I usually use this method if the test is close and I need to remember the information for the exam.

Not all of my study habits are effective. Some examples of my ineffective study habits are studying in front of the television, this is very ineffective because there are so many distractions, and memory is extremely sensitive to interruptions. Another ineffective studying habit I use is waiting to study till the last minute. I don’t typically do this on purpose but it does happen more often than not. This method is ineffective because it does not give me time to process all of the information which makes understanding difficult....
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