Learning and Regular Exercise Program

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Week 7 Discussion Questions

• Review the Tips for Effective Studying on p. 133 of the text. What are two of the tips you find useful? Explain why. Two of the tips for effective studying that I find useful are getting enough sleep, and following a regular exercise program. The reasons I think getting enough sleep is a useful tip is mostly because it clear’s your mind and helps you think clearly. It can also keep you alert for extended periods of time when you get the proper amount of sleep. The reasons behind keeping a regular exercise program isn’t just to keep you fit, it can also help clear your mind before hitting those books you need to before an exam. Also a great thing to do for a study break so you can get that breather you might need. It will also increase your brain power by generating new neurons in the area of the brain that controls your learning and your memory. I find both of these effective because over here I need to clear my head of everything before I start studying, writing discussion questions, and answering my homework. • Review the tutorial, Using Multiple Intelligences to Enhance Studying and Learning, and answer the following questions: What tips for creating a study environment may be most effective for you? What might you do to make that study environment real for yourself?

• What techniques do you use to remember what you have studied? Review Studying to Understand and Remember on p. 134 of your text. Which of these techniques do you currently use? What techniques you would like to add to the list? One technique that I find helpful to remember the material that I study is writing down the important information that I read, also known as the keys points of a story. I also try to go back and re-read the material again. I don’t have the best memory so I sometimes have to continually read something over and over to understand it. When reading the material I found that I use is Pay attention to what you’re hearing or reading. I think...
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