Week One Individual Work for Stragies for Sucess

Topics: Time, Goal, Term Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Diamond Spell
June 15, 2012

1.)How would you advise Delila to prepare for her course reading? I would Delila to use the P.O.W.E.R model to prepare. She needs to set short term goals to reach different parts for the week or the day. She needs to gather all needed materials to remember important points from the reading. 2.)How would you suggest Delila organize her time so she could finish the readings in the allotted four weeks? I would suggest that Delila she set a small term goal of reading a certain amount every day. I don’t think she should cram a lot in on one day for the simple fact she may forget it. 3.)How might Delila stay focused on her reading? How might she most effectively use writing as a way to accomplish her task? I think to stay focus she should read a little bit at a time, take a brake every now and then, and try to keep distractions and interruptions to a minimum. Also, I think writing can be used most effectively if she puts the information in a way she will understand it. While rephrasing what she reads if she comes to a word she is unfamiliar with she can look it up. 4.)What techniques might Delila use to memorize long list or other key material from her reading? Some techniques she may use to memorize long list or other key material from her reading would be create a list or jot down important key points in the reading. She also, could create Acronyms or words or phrases formed by the first letters of a series of terms. 5.)In what ways can Delila use rethinking techniques to improve her understanding of the readings in the packet? Delila can use rethinking techniques to improve her reading by rereading everything along with notes she took. This will help understand what you were reading about your have the book and your own personal way of understanding it. Write a short summary of the strategies you believe would work best for you when approaching a large reading assignment. I think the P.O.W.E.R model is a great strategy. I think...
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