Psychology: Questions on Cognitive Development

Topics: Jean Piaget, Theory of cognitive development, Kohlberg's stages of moral development Pages: 7 (1572 words) Published: May 29, 2008
__A__1.The briefest period of prenatal development is the: a.germinal stage
b.embryonic stage
c.fetal stage stage

_C___2.Motor development involves the acquisition of:
a.sensory abilities including hearing and taste
b.reflexive movements and abilities
c.the muscular control necessary for coordinated movement
d.language and speech patterns necessary for communication

_A___3.Piaget called the incorporation of new objects into existing knowledge: a.assimilation
b.object permanence
d.formal operations

_D___4.For Jean Piaget, children deal with and adjust to the world through twin processes he called: a.conservation and revisionism
b.motor learning and cognitive learning
c.egocentric thinking and magical thinking
d.assimilation and accommodation

_B___5.Social and cognitive influences on how we interpret, organize, and use information characterizes ________. a.Freudian theory role theory
c.parent modeling model
d.affective-primary theory

____6."Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. Parents reward their children whenever they behave like they're supposed to." This statement reflects which theory of gender roles? a.Freudian theory role theory
c.parent modeling model
d.affective-primary theory

_D___7.Given the material on sexual behavior, parent-child interactions and onset of puberty, most parents would most probably prefer an adolescent who: a.has a few close friends
b.matures on time
c.matures early
d.matures later

_C___8."Mom, you have no idea what it is like to grow up with young sisters who are brats! They get into my things all the time. You and Dad just don't understand!" This teenager is most likely experiencing: a.preoperational thinking

b.conventional thinking
c.growth in her limbic system
d.authoritarian parenting

_A___9.Carol Gilligan's research on moral development found that in making moral decisions, women generally adopt a(n): orientation
b.relative orientation
c.justice orientation
d.other orientation

_C___10.A politician is running for office. He says that he will support the law, equality, and individual rights. Carol Gilligan would say that the politician has a(n) ____ orientation.


_B___11.Impersonal moral decisions is to memory as personal moral decisions is to: a.retrieval

_D___12.A longitudinal study of how different styles of parenting affect adolescent development was conducted by: a.Jean Piaget
b.Diana Baumrind
c.Carol Gilligan
d.Lawrence Kohlberg

__A__13."My dad sets the rules and that's it. There're no ifs, ands, or buts about it!" This parent has a(n) _______ style. a.authoritarian

_C___14.Self-esteem is the most stable in:
d.young adulthood

_C___15.Cross cultural research indicates that the most common reason men use to dissolve marriages is: a.disrespect
b.personality quirks

Short Answer (5 Points per question) 70 Points
Be thorough and concise with your answer.

16.Why are developmental psychologists interested in the nature-nurture question?

17.Describe the significant changes in germinal, embryonic, and fetal stages of prenatal development. In germinal development the outer membrane changes after fertilization by a single sperm, becomes impermeable and is called a zygote. In embryonic stage cells divide and begin to differentiate into bone, muscle, and body organs and last from 2-8 weeks. And Fetal stage lasts from 2 months to 9 months and develops vital organs and physical charactersics like lungs, eyes, ears, and hands.

18.What are teratogens and why is development in the fetal stage most susceptible to them?
Teratogens are any agent that can harm a developing fetus which...
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