Cognitive Development

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  • Published : November 6, 2012
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Directions for “Cognitive Development”

1. Access the textbook website: (the link is in ANGEL)
2. Click on the [->0]PsychSim Tutorials[->1] link
3. In the left column, find [->2]Chapter 04
|“Psychsim5: Cognitive Development” and click on this link.Click on “Cognitive Development” and begin the tutorial. Answer the questions and put in drop box by 12 pm Monday.PsychSim 5: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENTName: Leslie DiazThis activity describes Piaget’s theory of the growth of intelligence and simulates the performance of three children of different ages on some of Piaget’s tasks.Schemas1. What are schemas? A concept of framework that organizes and interprets intelligence.2. Explain the difference between assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation is incorporating our already existing schemas to new experiences, and accommodation is having to rework out schema in order to better understand the experience3. Suppose that a 15-month-old toddler has learned to call the four-legged house pet a “doggie.” What do you think would happen if the child sees a horse for the first time? Is the child likely to call the horse a “horsie” or a “doggie” or a “doggie-horse” or some other term? Write your best guess in the space below, and add a sentence explaining why you think the child would use that term to refer to the horse.In my opinion, being that the old schema the child has produced when he learned the “doggie” was in fact a dog, it is safe to say that the child, being he has never seen a horse before, does call the horse and “doggie”. This is mostly likely due to the fact that his schema has identified four legged creatures as a “doggie”. Unless told otherwise, to accommodate his schema, he will not know the horse is a horse.Stages of Development4. What are some characteristics of a child in the sensorimotor stage of development? They believe that if an object is out of sight, it ceases to exist. 5. What is object permanence?That the object did not cease...
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