Psychology of Creativity

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  • Published : April 21, 2011
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Creativity is the ability to produce valued outcomes in a novel way. Creativity is thought to possess three characteristics: originality, fluency, and flexibility. Originality is defined as seeing unique or different solutions to a problem. Fluency is generating a large number of possible solutions. Flexibility is shifting with ease from one type of problem-solving strategy to another. Most tests of creativity focus on divergent thinking, which is a type of thinking in which many possibilities are developed from one single starting point. Creative imagination, creative motives and creative products are unique to human beings and are the source of their cultural achievement. Creativity is an ability to make new combinations and it is one of the most highly valued of human qualities. We, as a society, would not have many of the great inventions of the passed centuries without at least some spark of creativity. Although I feel it is on a much smaller scale as great inventors and pioneers of the various arts, my life is fueled by creativity and the ability to appreciate art and generate my own artwork. I have always considered myself a daydreamer, and often think of different ways to change the things we already know. Whether it be a doodle or well thought out masterpiece, I have always got a great thrill out of creating something absolutely original, and dabbling in the unknown. Although a large amount of creative work is motivated by need or the prospect of your creation being appreciated by your peers, I strongly believe that creating work that may be strictly valuable to you, the creator, is also very productive and may assist in maintaining mental health. The freedom and the ability to fabricate anything, without boundaries, can be very empowering, and if others should happen to appreciate what I have done and are able to form some attachment to it, then that is an added bonus for myself. Creativity and the ability to change things and materialize my own...
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