What Creativity Means to Me

Topics: Meaning of life, Creativity, Thought Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Plan essay #2
Robby Allen

What Creativity means to me.

When the word creativity pops in my head I immediately start to think of the word style. If you think of the word style, to me it is a way of creating a certain type of creative form that I would call my own. There are lots of activity’s and hobbies that I enjoy to do. One of the best examples I can give to the meaning of style is wakeboarding, which is a form of waterskiing. Style in wakeboarding is everything. It can be anything from the way you were your swim shorts, to the way you hold the handle at the end of the rope. When I see other people wakeboard on the water it makes me think of my style and how I can incorporate that persons style and form it with my own to make a more creative style than which I had before. This will help me towards future goals in learning new tricks and giving them my own little “pizzazz”. Although we need to remember that we use the word "creativity" all the time, it is not something you can sell in a can. Being creative is something that you do when you engage in the act of making something happen. A lot of people mistakenly think that when they explore their creativity, they will have to come up with something no-one in history has ever thought of. That's not creativity! Creativity is when a little kid tries to get at a toy on a high shelf with a stick. This happens to virtually everybody not just kids. But each time, it is someone using their Creativity to get something they wanted or to reach a goal. I know that I can achieve all my goals in wakeboarding as long as I continue to keep testing my physical abilities and pushing myself to the next level. When asked what does creativity mean to me? I now know to respond with giving an example of what I like to do and how I can get continually creative using my example.

Managing your creativity is the challenge, but it is possible and actually a lot easier than you think it is. I choose where I take my...
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