Introduction of Creativity

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Creativity (or "creativeness") is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas or concepts. From a scientific point of view, the products of creative thought are usually considered to have both originality and appropriateness. An alternative, getting more popular everyday is the conception of creativity is that it is simply the act of making something new. Although intuitively a simple phenomenon, it is in fact quite complex. Unlike many phenomena in science, there is no single, authoritative perspective or definition of creativity. And unlike many phenomena in psychology, there is no standardized measurement technique for measuring creativity. Although popularly associated with art and literature, it is also an essential part of innovation and invention and is important in professions such as business, economics, architecture, industrial design, and science and engineering.

Creative Advertising:

Advertising is a public announcement by a company in a newspaper, on television or radio, or over the Internet, intended to attract buyers for a product or service. Now a day thousand of companies due to the revolution of globalization struggling for their consumer, in order to sell their product or services the only way to make them aware is advertising. But when many struggle for the single group there should be differentiation among them and the creative advertising is the only source of attracting those consumer.

On the other hand advertisements usually have a negative connotation associated with them and because of this most people don't like taking the time look at and even read advertisements. The good news is, not all advertisements are bad and some companies have taken the time to design some very clever advertising campaigns. The creativity is only the way which attract people attraction towards the brand and they easily recall while purchasing and giving suggestion to other for their purchases.

1.2 Motivations:
The motivation to conduct this study is to check the impact of creativity on consumers buying behavior in telecom industry of Pakistan. We have also studied the consumer behavior and advertisement in our marketing major courses, which also motivated us to inquire about this concept.

1.3 Purpose of the research:
Companies are spending huge amount on advertising, hence at the beginning of their expenditure plan, if the company think about it and make it effective through Creativity. Company can save huge budget, and in addition to this the ads also will effective and useful.

1.4 Objective:
The objective of this study is to study the perception of consumers about creativity in print advertisements of telecom industry and its effect on consumers purchase behaviors.

1.5 limitations:
Collection of data is the biggest difficulty in the way to work due to lack of resources and lack of time. We have selected the sample size of 100 but only 89 people have given response. So it was difficult to grab people and get their time for filling the survey Performa.

1.6 Plans:
To present a comprehensive and coherent report this thesis adopts the following structure: Chapter 1 provides a brief introduction of the study and the creativity along with purpose of the research, objectives and limitations of the study followed by Chapter 2 representing the body of the text covers a detailed review of the available literature on the topic of the “consumers perception about creativity in print ads and its effect on purchases” from the various sources of information available to provide the reader an extensive knowledge on this concept, Chapter 3 will cover the research methodology followed by Chapter 4 which will cover the finding of the study drawn. In the last, Chapter 5 will be a concluding paragraph and the recommendations on the subject matter.

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