Provision of Antenatal Care during Ramadan by Alison Pearce: Article Analysis Using Purnell's Model

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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Using Purnell’s model for cultural competence, critically review and evaluate the article, ‘Provision of antenatal care during Ramadan,’ written by Alison Pearce, Pauline Mayho. British Journal of Midwifery (BJM). (Dec, 2004)


The United Kingdom (UK) has become a multiracial society and with this the Midwife must meet the challenge of respect and understanding of the many different culture’s and religious beliefs. However stereotyping individuals into groups because of the way they dress, speak or their religion can have a detrimental effect on the way women interact with members of the health care team. It is essential that services are sensitive and relevant to each individual culture and religious needs. It is important for midwives to know whether a particular practice is effective and based on sound evidence although evidence is not a substitute for decision making. Using Purnell’s model for cultural competence, this assignment will critically review and evaluate an article published by the British Journal of Midwifery (BJM).

JOURNAL The BJM is the UK’s largest paid for midwifery journal, with an average monthly circulation of 6,059 and readership estimated at over 21,000. The BJM is primarily subscription based with a high cover price which results in dedicated and comprehensive readership. All articles submitted for publication are reviewed by at least two external reviewers, which can add reliability to the article, although in this case it is not known who reviewed the article. The review of the article by peers

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would have the appropriate knowledge to assess the quality of the paper prior to publication. Publication in a well respected journal does not therefore necessarily mean it is a good article (Bluff and Cluett 2000).

AUTHORS The authors Alison Pearce and Pauline Mayho are community midwives at Bradford NHS Trust. It is not known how long within this post that they have been employed. Many years experience compared with a couple would have added weight to their knowledge and understanding of the client group in question. Reynolds and Shams (2005) found that midwives with a large proportion of women from Asian backgrounds in their caseloads felt more comfortable in discussing sensitive issues with Asian women. It could therefore be argued that midwives from Bradford which has a large proportion of Asian women in their caseload could have a better understanding of issue affecting women from Asian communities.

RATIONAL FOR SUBJECT The aims and objectives of the study are clearly defined “to address the nonattendance at clinic during this period” “to provide an alternative clinic time to Muslim clients during an important holy period”. The rational for the study is also clearly defined, with the knowledge that no formal studies prior to the study having been undertaken. It is therefore conjectured that the authors presumed the reasons for non attendance. As to their understanding of the Muslim religious beliefs, this is

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gained by only one reference which is 8 years old. It may have been beneficial for the authors to have consulted with the women prior to the study to ascertain the views and beliefs of each woman on an individual basis.

TITLE “Provision of antenatal care during Ramadan” is a clear concise title for the study, with key words pertinent to the reader so they themselves can research other studies with the same theme. The abstract should be short, concise and not exceed 250 words and should provide the reader with a description of the entire report (Polgar and Thomas 1991). Although the abstract does provide the reader with a description of the report it claims that the focus of the report are the opinions of the participants, which is clearly not the case as only one quote is found in the text of a woman’s opinion.

DESCRIBING RACE 2.5 million Muslims live in the United Kingdom, making Islam the second largest religion after...
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