Examination of the Newborn

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Student Course Handbook Division of Women’s Health Examination of the Newborn

Version Number Date of Course Approved/Reviewed
May 2000 Version 2, Issue 5

Version Date
October 2006

Faculty of Health Department of Nursing and Women’s Health 2006-2007

D: Examination of the Newborn Student Handbook 2006



The staff of the Division of Women’s Health extends a very warm welcome to all midwives embarking on the neonatal examination course. The Division of Women’s Health comes under the umbrella of the Faculty of Health and is situated at the Westbourne Campus. We hope you will find this course rewarding, challenging and enjoyable. The programme has a course leader and a supporter, both of whom who aim to facilitate your learning and to oversee your academic and professional development. You are encouraged to seek tutorial support and discuss issues related to the course with your course leader. You will be able to access details relating to this course in the Student Handbook. This provides an overview of the course including its philosophy, the aims of the programme and also the assessment strategy. It also includes the support mechanisms that are available within this Faculty to fulfil your course requirements.

D: Examination of the Newborn Student Handbook 2006


1 Welcome 3 Your first days at UCE Birmingham Programme Specification Academic Regulations Enrolment Change in Personal Details 4 What do you need to know about your course? Programme Specification Fitness for Practice UCE Birmingham Email Account Personal Development Planning Course Details 5 How will you be assessed? Assessment Strategy ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (LEVEL 6 WORK) Approach The Assessment Mechanism for Assignments Exam Board Results SUAR Information Coursework Extensions Role of External Examiners Exceptional Extenuating Circumstances Examinations Examination Stress Sitting Written Examinations Cheating Avoiding allegations of cheating There is advice on referencing in the Library’s web pages: Content of Academic Essays Application Guidelines for Students for the Presentation of Assignments 6 What support and guidance can you expect? The Undergraduate Contract Institutional/Departmental Sub-Standard Practice Technical and Learning Support Services (TLSS) UCE Birmingham Libraries The Union of Students Shops Student Services Department Staff and Student Development Department Pre-Sessional English Course and in-sessional English Classes for International Students General Student Support Academic Registry 7 How do you make a complaint? Student Complaints Procedure 8 What is the disciplinary procedure? Student Conduct Disciplinary Procedure D: Examination of the Newborn Student Handbook 2006 3

2 5 7 7 7 8 9 9 9 9 9 10 12 12 13 14 14 16 17 17 17 17 18 18 18 19 19 19 20 20 21 25 27 27 27 29 32 35 38 40 40 43 43 43 44 45 45 45 46 46 46 46

48 9 What do you need to know about health, safety and security? 48 48 Your Safety and Security Emergency Evacuation of University Buildings 48 Accident and Incident Reporting 48 Security of Personal Property 49 Faculty Policy On Students And Staff Accompanied By Children On University Premises 49 50 10 How to interrupt your studies (intermit) 50 Suspending your studies 50 For further information and advice on interruption of study, please contact your Student Office or the Student Services Department 50 Withdrawal from the Course 50 11 Appendices Appendix A: Student Charter Appendix B: Equal Opportunities policy for Students Appendix C:Confidentiality in Teaching, Learning and Assessment Appendix D: Feedback to Students on Assessed Work 12. Course Modules 51 51 53 54 57 59

D: Examination of the Newborn Student Handbook 2006


2 Your first days at UCE Birmingham The University of Central England

D: Examination of the Newborn Student Handbook 2006


The staff involved in the Examination Of The Newborn course are as follows:

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