Providing a Positive Environment for Nursery Children

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This document is designed for a Childcare and Education Student to explain how Oak Tree Nursery Class provides a positive environment for its children.

Here at Oak tree Nursery Class we strive to make sure the children are cared for within a positive environment. A positive environment means that as well as ensuring the physical environment is a safe and pleasant one, we also need to make sure the children and their families feel welcome and wanted when they enter Oak Tree Nursery class. We aim to do this by;

Treating each child as an individual and meeting their individual needs by acknowledging parents' wishes and beliefs. Ensuring all routines and activities are based around the child to incorporate their individual abilities and requirements. Promoting a happy and relaxed atmosphere, with all staff working together as part of a team. Ensuring all staff is qualified and trained fully in their relevant areas and to maintain high standards of hygiene. Operating a zero-tolerance work place for abuse, whether verbal or physical, or discrimination of any kind.

Here in Oak Tree Nursery Class we aim to meet the health and safety requirements set out by the law as best as we can. A full list of all regulations is available on request.

Health & safety
We have a designated first Aider on site at all time and constantly monitor the qualifications this person holds so they can be updated when necessary. There is a first aid box available should a minor incident occur.

A list of substances considered hazardous is on display throughout the nursery and all these substances are locked away with only the Manager and Supervisor having keys- thus preventing accidents from happening

A note of all accidents and diseases are kept within the accident book. We have two accident books, one for staff and another for children. It is important these books remain accessible and are filled in promptly.

Fire precautions
We have three possible evacuation routes, which are kept clear and unlocked at all times. These exits are clearly marked and instructions are displayed around the nursery. We have a regular fire practice and checks on fire equipment are carried out frequently. As a student you will be aware of evacuation routes and the location of fire equipment.

Children Act
The staff rota ensures there are always three adults caring for the children as our nursery class is registered for 24 children, and the recommended ratio for children of this age is 1:8.

Food hygiene
All staff and students must hold a current Food Hygiene Certificate and ensure that the cooking and preparation areas are kept clean and meet the standards as set out in the Food Handling Regulation Act 1995

On entering Oak Tree Nursery Class all staff and students are given a copy of the Health & Safety checklist. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with this, as, although only basic, it gives a good idea of all you need to know.

Here is a typical example of a menu for a full day here within Oak Tree Nursery Class.

BREAKFAST-Milk or water

MIDMORNING- Diluted orange juice
Carrot sticks

LUNCH-Chicken or vegetable curry & rice
Chocolate sponge & custard

MID-AFTERNOON-Milkshake (made with Fresh fruit)
Cheese and biscuits

TEA-Jacket potato & choice of filling
Fresh fruit & ice cream

This is atypical example of a menu for a child aged 4yrs. Alternatives such as vegetarian options are always available, as we constantly strive to adhere to the religious and dietary needs of all children who attend Oak Tree Nursery Class. If a parent/carer informs you of a specific dietary need, please pass this information onto the child’s key worker.

But, in this day and age it...
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