Project on Working with Fathers

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Unit 113
Project on working with fathers
Part 1
Please research and Explain to me one study proving the importance of fathers involvement with their children and their learning Children with involved, caring fathers have better educational outcomes. A number of studies suggest that fathers who are involved, nurturing, and playful with their infants have children with higher IQs, as well as better linguistic and cognitive capacities. Toddlers with involved fathers go on to start school with higher levels of academic readiness. They are more patient and can handle the stresses and frustrations associated with schooling more readily than children with less involved fathers. Please summarise the role of a father in family life, structure and being involved in diverse communities? A growing body of research has concluded that fathers are important to their child's development, and yet the vast majority of programs that serve families with young children, especially low-income families, tend to focus almost exclusively on mothers. A father’s involvement does not operate to the exclusion of a mother’s relationship with the child. Fathering is uniquely different from mothering and equally beneficial to the child’s development. The first five years are a critical time to develop healthy patterns and family interactions, as early father involvement leads to sustained involvement over the course of the child’s life, but, historically, family resource centres and programs have had a blind spot when it comes to involving fathers.

Please tell me what a positive home learning environment is and tell me ways in how the nursery promotes it to parents and fathers. How do you support them? There are three main ways parents can get involved in supporting their children’s learning: 1 Learning at home: Parents are the first and on-going educators of their own children and, as such, should receive information and support to help develop their child’s learning at home, in the community and at school. 2 Home/School partnerships: Schools must be open to the involvement of parents in the work they do and they should consider ways of providing information that helps parents engage with school and their children’s education. 3 Parental representations: The Act provides a framework for ensuring that parents have the opportunity to express their views and have these taken into account on policy matters affecting the education of their children. It makes provision for parents to be a member of the Parents Forum at a school and to have their views represented to the school, education authority and others through a representative Parent Council for the school. The benefits for the children are: • It is easier for children to learn when they get encouragement at home • They will do better and achieve more when their parents are involved • Children get access to more activities in and out of school when there are more adults to help • Their concerns can be sorted out quicker when their parents have a positive Relationship with school staff • They are happy when their parents are enjoying events in the school. The benefits for parents are: • Their children do better when they are involved

• They are better able to help and encourage their children • They have more information about their children’s education • Parents can build their own confidence and skills • Where there is a positive relationship between parents and their child’s school there are benefits all round • Parents get reassurance that their children are receiving a good education.

Why is it important to work in partnership with fathers?
Partnership involves parents, families and practitioners working together to benefit children. Each recognises respects and values what the other does and says. Partnership involves responsibility on both sides. Staff awareness is crucial to involving fathers; many practitioners automatically focus on the mother when contacting a new family. Embed...
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