Business Ethics

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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The case is: Apple Finds Human Rights Violations in Supply Chain which discussed the Apple’s factory and the condition of the factory. Apple is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and they have many factories and workers around the globe. The audit team found out that there is several ethics issue for the factory of Apple. First is the factory hired underage employees which are under age of 16 and it is the youngest age for employment in china. And Apple also falsified identifications to allow underage to work in the factory. The factory also falsified payroll documents to reflect higher wage payouts to workers so people thought that the factory are paying a good wage to the workers but in the matter of fact, the wage are low and not reasonable. The falsification of documents for employment agency and vocational colleges by provide false identification to those who need the work also very unethical. They used the weakness of the student that need money and let them to work in the factory. There also more ethical issue on bribery and chemical-related health problem. It is the ethical issue related to government, society, employees and shareholders.

|Stakeholder |What does the organisation mean for the stakeholder |What does the stakeholder mean for the organisation | |Employee |Organisation to provide a safe and comfortable environment for|Employee to give 100% of their time and effort during work | | |employee to feel secure and protected by the organisation. It |hours and always take good care of the company benefit and | | |also provide the wages and opportunity to self develop. In |always consider the best solution for company and not for | | |this case, the organisation should provide a fair treatment to|themselves. In this case, employee should keep the company | | |every employee. In this case, the organsation is Apple and |secret and follow the company culture and not against with it.| | |Foxxconn that fail to fullfill the basic need of the employee.|Employee are giving more than they should give to the | | | |organisation. | |Customer |Organisation to be provided the best service and quality |Custumer is the source of income of the organisation so the | | |product to consumer. In this case, costumer expect the |organisation must take good care of the needs of the consumer.| | |organisation to maintain the quality of the product and the |In this case, the organisation need to retain their consumer | | |level of good service despite what is happen within the |by projecting a good company image to their customer. | | |organisation and it is a ethical product. | | |Government |Organisation to pay the tax and comply with all the law and |Organisation have to do all the paper work and ensure that the| | |regulation set by the government. In this case, government |organisation follow all the law and regulation. In this case, | | |should enforce and tighten the labour law to avoid employment |the organisation do not comply the law and regulation by | | |of underages and illegal immgirant. |hiring the underages workers to work for the organisation and | | | |the working hours is more than the limit set by the law. | |Supplier |Suppliers want to receive the payment on time and there is no |Organisation has to maintain a...
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