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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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PROS Advantages and examples
Lets start with all of the things that make facebook a great thing to have. First of all it has a highest users percentage of all social sites , which means there is good chance that most of your friends, schoolmates, co-workers or relatives will have a facebook profile that you can interact with. Facebook is one of the greatest sides to communitace in any way. You can chat with your friends, you can even send a private message to people who arent your frineds and one of the newest way is a video call. As a result you can stay in touch with old friends or make new ones. On top of that you can post your own statuses about what great happened to you or where have you been where are you going and so on. Also you can upload your pictures and videos. Your friends can like them or leave a comment. The site offers you the freedom to choose whom you would like to share your 'updates' with. facebook has also a lot of oppourtunities for self-promotion or promoting a product, company or up coming event . for example if you will celebrate your birthday soon you just create a event and invate you frinds. There are also many big companies who uses facebook for marketing and advertising, almoust all of them. One of the main reasons facebook was made are so-called groups. Firstly they combine students of the same university, so only they can talk about things they have in common. Nowadays you can choose or made a group of people with similar thoughts or ideas. For example a group of co-workers, student, schoolmates and so on. Finaly the bigest plus of facebook is probably fact that it offers all this options for free.
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