Facebook Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
Facebook is a social network service that makes huge innovation in global networking service. Unlike other social network such as twitter and MySpace, it has implemented its own strategy to capture the market share and has been top in the rank. Facebook develop its popularity in global networking service and this situation has made tight competition among the social networks.

Facebook faced high competition from its competitors, and competitors are rushing in developing their strategies in order to overcome Facebook popularity. In other side, Facebook are blocked in several countries and this situation has made implementation of Facebook’s strategy to maintain its effectiveness has been limited.

Facebook keep facing complaints and controversies from media and users about the accounts hacking issue and privacy of Facebook user’s issue. This kind of controversies can make changes in user’s interest and has possibility to discontinue from using the Facebook.

In the order to overcome this problem, Facebook have to meet their user’s demand and needs by analysis complains. Thus, this can be done by knowing the root cause of the problem that users faced. Besides that, Facebook must do research based on competitive strategy by analyzing its competitors planning in order to create innovation.

This innovation has to be implemented by investing in the technology marketing to let user’s know the specialty and the importance of that innovation. By creating innovation in network service, Facebook will give new refreshment for their users.

In order to maintain the popularity and effectiveness, user’s satisfaction is very important to Facebook. Facebook has to run its service by considering this slogan.” Customer Is Our Boss”.

Statement of the Problem
The main reasons for conducting this exercise are to identify Facebook current strategy and its competition and also how Facebook can overcome these problems. The top ranks in the list of Facebook competitors are Twitter and MySpace. In other situation, controversies and user’s complaint has been a Facebook main point to be attacked by its competitors.


• Complain and Controversies

By providing marvelous features such as clean layout, semi- synchronous and instant messaging, Facebook has attracted millions of internet users. Even thought Facebook competitors are such as Twitter and MySpace have their own features, users more preferable to use Facebook as their social network. This strength has given negative consequences when, users become stickiness to Facebook, it’s defined as addictive. And this situation gives an impact in user’s social life and career when they begin to use Facebook in their workplace. And as a result, Facebook has been blocked during working hour and this has cause usage of Facebook been limited. (E.g. HCL technologies announced that approximately 50% of British employers had banned Facebook from the workplace).

Complaint of privacy issued has been major weakness Facebook has been the subject of ongoing privacy concerns that appear to have no end in sight. The company declares it has taken steps to rectify the privacy issues at the site, but the problems continue without any solution. Even a new Facebook privacy application that has been introduced does not seem to solve the problem of dangerous stalking. It shows user what others have posted, no who is visiting how many visits they have made to user profile page. Worst of all, user cannot actually delete an account at Facebook once user opened one. User can de-activate it, but it can be easily re-activated again, accidentally. This situation has raised many complaints among...
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